Do you experience any of the symptoms below? If yes, you may need to discuss further with your physician.

Have a menstrual cycle lasting more than 7 days?
Could be an indication of an underlying issue.
Have to change your pad or tampon every 1 to 2 hours?
Click here for a comparison chart.
Frequently flood or leak through your clothing even though you're using a pad or tampon?
Look into using other protective undergarments or a menstrual cup.
Regularly have to cancel events and/ or miss work/school because of your menstrual cycle?
Untreated bleeding disorders can impact quality of life.
Pass clots that are larger than a quarter?
Clots can be normal, it's the size and amount that can be a sign something is wrong.
Have a family history of bleeding disorder?
50% of cases in women are undiagnosed.

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