Meet Our Team

Kelliann Kaminskas

BDRN for Women &
Regional Manager

Kelli has been with BDRN for 5 1/2 years as a Regional Manager. She is now leading the BDRN for Women initiative. Having firsthand experience living with a bleeding disorder and being a mother of a son with severe hemophilia A, Kelli has extensive knowledge, empathy, and understanding on how to navigate life starting with a diagnosis. Personally, she has no family history and is determined to help all women who seek education, a diagnosis and an effective treatment. Kelli lives in New Jersey with her loving family. The Kaminskas family has been very active in advocating and fundraising in the bleeding disorders community.  She can also be contacted via phone or text at (Cell) 908-930-6445.

Maria Barros

Nursing Clinical Manager

Maria Barros, RN, BSN has been a nurse for almost 30 years, the last 4 of which have been with BDRN as the Nursing Clinical Manager. She worked as a Hemophilia Treatment Center nurse for 12 years in Newark, NJ. She also collaborates with an infusion company, caring for patients with bleeding and nonbleeding disorders and administers a multitude of IV therapies in the home care setting. She has experience with ports, PICC lines and other permanent vascular devices in pediatric and adult patients. Maria acts as a liaison between the HTC staff and non-English speaking patients and their families to make sure the treatment plan is adhered to as ordered by the physician. She provides education and teaching, as needed, on factor administration or injection techniques for BDRN patients. She is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. Maria lives in New Jersey with her husband and son. 

Martha Occhiogrosso

Regional Manager

Martha has been working in the bleeding disorders community for over 21 years, the last 4 of which have been with BDRN as a Regional Manager.  She has experience in helping the community manage their condition and everything that comes with it.  She also works with the Latin community as she is fluent in Spanish.  Martha lives in Staten Island, NY with her loving husband, son, and fur daughter.

Patricia Johnson

Regional Manager

Pat became involved in the hemophilia community when she met her late husband, Pete, in 1973. She has two daughters, one is a carrier and the other has mild hemophilia. She started out as a volunteer and outreach worker for the Delaware Valley chapter as well as the National Hemophilia Foundation. Pat immediately saw that the hemophilia community needed help and support, and since then she has dedicated her life to those families affected by hemophilia and other bleeding disorders. Pat has spent the last 47 years helping families get the education, resources, assistance and emotional support they need.

For further discussion, information, or to speak with a nurse, contact Kelli at or via voice/text at 908-930-6445

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