Specialty Pharmacy

At BDRN our goal has always been to improve the lives of those living with bleeding disorders. We are proud to say the same quality level of care our patients in the bleeding disorders community have come to expect is being brought to others with serious health conditions requiring complex therapies.


What is a specialty pharmacy? While many large retail pharmacies dispense general medications for the masses, a specialty pharmacy is suited to match the individual complex care needed to treat chronic or serious health conditions. Specialty pharmacies have the trained experienced personnel and infrastructure needed to consistently communicate with patients, offering them the hands on support needed to ensure appropriate medication adherence, which then leads to improved outcomes. This is reinforced with patient and family education as well as personalized service and care. 


         BDRN more than a specialty pharmacy…. a resource network of care.


Find more ways to learn about the treatment options, specific medications and specialized support we offer.  Call us at 973-513-9031 or 888-692-3761