Our Services

Support & Counseling

Support & Counseling

BDRN’s focus is to provide high quality, customer responsive services to our patients. Our goal is to participate in the healthcare process via integrated, community-based systems that combine pharmacy, nursing, and management experience to achieve positive outcomes for our patients. We work with our client’s to identify their treatment needs though a comprehensive review of medical history, communication with doctors and other providers, and a superior case management and patient follow up process. We also help to educate and provide support services for our patients and their families.

Through cost containment strategies and care coordination with existing community resources, we will provide care that uses sophisticated medication therapy management services to meet the clinical needs of the patient and their payor. We believe that adherence to these principles will provide a program that sets the standard for specialty infusion care.

Other Services

  • Pharmacy and patient service staff with over 20 years experience in the bleeding disorder community on call 24/7/365.
  • Active member of FDA recall notice and Patient Notification System.
  • Coordination and enrollment in all industry sponsored assurance programs.
  • HIPAA compliant.
  • Involved in local hemophilia communities served.