Pete Vento

Pete Vento has been a lifelong member of the bleeding disorders community diagnosed with severe hemophilia A at birth. Pete’s career in the bleeding disorder community started as the first employee of one of the premier hemophilia disease management companies in the metro NY/ NJ area. Pete was instrumental in the development of different departments and hiring employees for the newly created positions. Pete was responsible in contracting with vendors of ancillary supplies and oral medications. Pete also assisted in developing quality controls measures to ensure patient orders were filled correctly. Pete enjoyed working directly with patients the most. As a person living with hemophilia, Pete has a unique perspective of the effects that this chronic disease imposes on individuals and their families. Pete’s lifelong commitment is to stress compliance to treatment and the importance of education in the lives of people with bleeding disorders. Pete has been a member of the Hemophilia Association of New Jersey of the National Hemophilia Foundation for more than ten years.